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3Dee PLA-M10 Dual Black

24,90  inkl. Ust
Netto: 20,75 €

Series-M: matt colors
Color: PLA-M10 dual black
Color Code: RAL 9004*
Material: polylactic acid

Net Weight: 1 kg
Diameter: 1,75 mm
Spool Size: 200 mm x 67 mm
Generation: I.

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dual black 3Dee PLA

3Dee PLA m10 DB


Series-M Prototyping Filament for FDM and FFF 3D printers*

pipa45Strong, Flexible, Weatherproof

pipa45Low Warping, Easy Sanding


Safe: RoHS Certified and REACH Compliant

Material Quality

Heat Distortion Temp:
Tensile Strength:
Flexural Strength:
Tensile Modulus:
polylactic acid (PLA)
55 °C (E2092)
60 MPa (D882)
83 MPa (D790)
3.6 MPa (D882)
Highest pigment weather fastness (DIN 54001)
Highest pigment light fastness (DIN 53388)
Food contact: RoHS certified and REACH compliant


Net Weight:
Packaged weight:
Spool size:
Spool hub diameter:
1 kg
1,75 mm
1,35 kg
200 mm x 67 mm
54 mm

Printing Tips

Printing Temperature:
Heated Bed:
Best Adhesion:
190-220 ºC
0-70 ºC
Blue Tape
Matt surface at temperature <195 °C, shiny surface at 210 °C <
-tested on bq Witbox 2 and bq Hephestos 2, at 0.2 mm layer height and standard speed
Made in EU

Download Material Data Sheet (english)

*The technical information presented are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only.

More information about our materials: [email protected]


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Gewicht1 kg


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